We Have Big Ambitions and We Are Motivated To Achieve Bigger Results

After receiving the lease of the factory from the Ministry of Industry in 2013, we have watched the factory transform significantly over the years.

The factory has now become a one-package-service provider that covers all the processes of textile manufacturing, including spinning, weaving, dyeing and printing. We have dedicated 70% of our production to supply to the local market that further manufactures traditional printed fabric longyi.

After years of effective open dialogue and training, we have gained the trust and understanding of our workforce. As a result, we felt the need and responsible to establish an incentive pay system, to encourage our enthusiastic workforce that have achieved a production rate and quality beyond expectations.

We also developed a well-designed wastewater system that is processed through proper sewage facilities. The properly treated and tested water is then distributed for production and the community’s use.

Factory Contact

Address: No 2, Spinning & Weaving Factory, Paleik, Yangon – Mandalay High Way Road, Singaing Township, Mandalay, Myanmar.

Phone: +95 9 797147865

Email: [email protected]